GIGS 2020

 October 9th 2020 update:

The Government is updating restrictions &  local lock downs daily;

please check the website below

Last Gang in Town will act responsibly and comply with the guidance:


So until we see you all again please enjoy yourselves responsibly, stay safe, stay well and look after each other, we want to see you all again when the time comes, check this website and our Facebook page for updates and other information and links. Thanks for sticking with us, we're sticking with you, fans, venues, owners & staff alike we're all in this together and can't wait to get back and see you all. Stay in touch with us via this website and Facebook, above all stay safe and well, see you all again soon, thank you, love and best wishes from Last Gang in Town.

It looks likely that we will be unable to gig live for the foreseeable future therefore. We'll leave our available dates here, if someone can offer us a safe gig on any of these dates please get in touch. In the meantime to remind yourselves what we sound (and sounded) like checkout the LIVE RECORDINGS page which is being updated as quickly as we can go through the old tapes we have!


  Friday 9th - Available

 Saturday 10th - Available

 Friday 16th - Available

 *Saturday 17th - Available* New date added


 Friday 6th - Available

 Saturday 8th - Available

 Saturday 14th - The Coachman - Hartford - NorthwichPostponed due to Covid restrictions

 Friday 20th - Available

 Friday 27th - Available

 Saturday 28th - Available


 Friday 4th - Available

 Friday 11th - Available

 Saturday 12th - Available

 Friday 18th - Available

 Saturday 19th - Available