GIGS 2021

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We are ready to rock when the restrictions are finally lifted on 21st June 2021...

2021 Confirmed dates:

APRIL 2021

Saturday 10th : The Forrester's Blackburn: Can't take place as pubs are not open yet, see you at The Forresters in October!

JULY 2021

Saturday 3rd :  The Snig Widnes: Further details to be announced


Saturday 9th : The Forrester's Blackburn

So until we see you all again please enjoy yourselves responsibly, stay safe, stay well and look after each other, we want to see you all again when the time comes, check this website and our Facebook page for updates and other information and links. Thanks for sticking with us, we're sticking with you, fans, venues, owners & staff alike we're all in this together and can't wait to get back and see you all. Stay in touch with us via this website and Facebook, above all stay safe and well, see you all again soon, thank you, love and best wishes from Last Gang in Town.