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We keep our song list fresh and have a big enough repertoire to suit the venue and the occasion.
Typically our show will include many of the most popular and well known punk songs from the time such as those listed below:

    Love Song - The Damned
English Civil War - The Clash
Your Generation - Generation X
God Save The Queen - Sex Pistols
Police Truck - Dead Kennedys
In The City - The Jam
London Calling - The Clash
Brand New Cadillac - The Clash

Wasted Life - Stiff Little Fingers
What Do I Get - Buzzcocks
Shot By Both Sides - Magazine
Do anything You Wanna Do - Eddie & The Hot Rods
Gary Gilmore's Eyes - The Adverts
Tommy Gun - The Clash
Barbed Wire Love - Stiff Little Fingers
California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys
Into The Valley - The Skids
In A Rut - The Ruts
Silly Thing - Sex Pistols
Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash
Neat Neat Neat - The Damned
C.I.D. - UK Subs
Live In A Car - UK Subs

Nobody's Hero - Stiff Little Fingers
Eton Rifles - The Jam
New Rose - The Damned
Babylon's Burning - The Ruts
Hanging Around - The Stranglers
Safe European Home - The Clash
At The Edge - Stiff Little Fingers
The Saints Are Coming - The Skids
Kill The Poor - Dead Kennedys

A Bomb In Wardour Street - The Jam
Ever Fallen In Love With Someone - Buzzcocks
Staring At The Rude Boys - The Ruts
Smash It Up part 1 - The Damned
Smash It Up part 2 - The Damned

Bodies - Sex Pistols
Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers
Down In The Tubestation At Midnight - The Jam
I Fought The Law - The Clash
Too Drunk To Fuck - Dead Kennedys
Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols
White Riot - The Clash
Holiday In Cambodia - Dead Kennedys
Johnny Was - Stiff Little Fingers
Anarchy In The UK - Sex Pistols
And More..........


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