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Live recordings from Last Gang in Town gigs are available on Marks YouTube Channel Guitarzan Bikes, click the link below:

Guitarzan Bikes

Guitarzan Bikes

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To finish off the Songs from the Vaults! series I've added the last recording of the four piece line up. Moving forwards my intention is to record Last Gang in Town live gigs and put them up on my channel so that there are more contemporary recordings of how we sound now!

On YouTube now:

Songs from the Vaults!:

During the recent lock downs I have been going through hundreds of hours of tape to find rare tracks and gems hidden in the vaults. In the end I've decided to put up complete or mostly complete gig recordings and let you scroll through for your favourite tracks. Most of the tapes are from the days of the four piece line up and go back as far as 2007 so serve as a historical reminder of how the band sounded before becoming a three piece in 2015. All are raw and mixed from the original 8 track live masters proper old school with no overdubs or computer enhancements, what you hear is exactly how it was.


Added February 2022:

The best of Morley 2014

The  last 8 track recording of the four piece band from

The Cross Keys in Morley; a best of both sets that night

featuring John Lloyd on the drums

Saturday 30th May 2014

Includes "TV Stars" straight after "Into the valley" just like the Skids did live!

Added March 2021:

"Night Fishing"

A nod to the fans who apologised for leaving early to go

Night Fishing... which Tony thought was local slang

for going out burgling!

Best of both sets Halfway House Runcorn

Friday 14th May 2010


An ultra rare recording of The Saints classic "This Perfect Day"

Added February 2021:

"Happy Easter"

A Rip Roaring best of both sets from

The Nags Head Macclesfield

Easter Sunday  4th April 2010


An edited version of Blitzkrieg Bop as the copyright owners wanted

me to put an advert in for them... no way fuck em so I cut 10 seconds!

rarities including;

Nasty Nasty, Gary Gilmour's eyes, Bodies... & more!

Both sets from a tough gig at

The Lion Castleford

Saturday 17th October 2009

With rarities including;

Timebomb, Stranglehold, Right to Work, Problem Child, Suspect Device,

Clash City Rockers, I Fought the Law... and more!


Then there's...

A very rare almost complete second set from the

Red Admiral Runcorn

Saturday 11th April 2011

With rarities including;

White Man in Hammersmith Palais, Warhead, Tin Soldier... and more


To compliment:

The complete unedited first set from the

Red Admiral Runcorn

Saturday 11th April 2011

With rarities including;

Go Buddy Go, Sedated, London's Burning, EMI, Tomorrows Girls... and more

The soundcheck from the Red Admiral Runcorn

Saturday 11th April 2011

Up Against The Wall

From The Old Cock & Bull, Halifax 2016

Barbed Wire Love


Available now:

Full unedited first set from The Grapes, Widnes 5/3/15

With all your first set favourites!

Individual tracks from The Jolly Nailor 27/2/16


Isolation; Johnny Was; Holiday in Cambodia; Smash it Up

plus a host of Last Gang in Town favourites.

Rare tracks from the vaults on line now!


I'm an upstart & Wait for the blackout:

Recently added:

Banned from the Roxy

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