Live recordings from Last Gang in Town gigs are available on Marks YouTube Channel Guitarzan Bikes, click the link below:

Use the menu button and scroll through for individual tracks

With a complete lack of gigs due to the current lock down restrictions all we can do is raid the archives. Most of the tapes are from the days of the four piece line up so serve as a historical reminder of how the band sounded before 2015. One day we hope to be back to serve up up more of the same, in the meantime enjoy "Songs from the Vaults"

Recently added:

The complete unedited first set from the

Red Admiral Runcorn

Saturday 11th April 2011

With rarities including;

Go Buddy Go, Sedated, London's Burning, EMI, Tomorrows Girls... and more

The soundcheck from the Red Admiral Runcorn

Saturday 11th April 2011

Up Against The Wall

From The Old Cock & Bull, Halifax 2016

Barbed Wire Love


Available now:

Full unedited first set from The Grapes, Widnes 5/3/15

With all your first set favourites!

Individual tracks from The Jolly Nailor 27/2/16


Isolation; Johnny Was; Holiday in Cambodia; Smash it Up

plus a host of Last Gang in Town favourites.

Rare tracks from the vaults on line now!


I'm an upstart & Wait for the blackout:

Recently added:

Banned from the Roxy