Last Gang in Town are:

Gary Walker: Lead Vocal & Bass Guitar

About Gary:

Gary Walker, leader of the band, the back bone of Last Gang in Town... more about Gary

to follow...

Mark Halford: Guitar & Sound

About Mark:

Mark Halford, the heart & soul of the band, the technician keeping Last Gang in Town on the road. Born 1958, Leicester, went the same schools as David Ike & Gary Lineker. Leicester City season ticket holder, now living in Winsford, Cheshire. Saw the Sex Pistols September '76 at Quaintways in Chester... didn't change his life... played guitar in "The Cause", Winsford's most famous band... (allegedly)... check out the 7 inch "False Tears"... comes up on ebay now and again. A Fender Telecaster and an original Park or Marshall valve amp cranked way beyond 11... guitar style described as... brutal... sound engineer famed for live recordings & bootlegging gigs... 50 years of rocking has left him totally deaf when it suits... will completely ignore you at gigs... probably sorting the PA... a biker with a love for real road racing who rides old British iron... BSA's & Triumphs... a Granddad with attitude... not ready to go quietly into the night just yet...

Ben Relton: Drums & Backing Vocals

About Ben:

Ben Relton, the joker in the pack, the beat behind the band, drum tutor, actor... a man of many parts... more about Ben to follow...